Hey Richie,

I wanted to comment on the muffins you gave me last week. As you know, I live a healthy lifestyle, workouts 6 days a week, and eat extremely clean. Based on this, I don’t eat anything that I don’t consider healthy, and a benefit to my health.

After reading the nutrition Facts of your muffins, I decide to give it a try. WOW! I was blown away. With 25g of protein, and only 18g of Carbs, you muffin gave me the energy I needed before and after my workout. As important as all that is, I could not believe how tasty each of the muffins were that I sampled. You would not have thought this was a healthy choice.

I am and will be your very best customer. Thanks again, and all the success in the world with your venture.

– Robert Laimo, Fitness Enthusiast


I am always looking for new ways to add protein to my diet. The protein muffin not only provides the protein, but you think that you are having a treat without the carbs, sugar or fat. A win win!

– Jane Brinkmann, Active Mom

Hi Angela,

It’s hard to believe that these muffins are low calorie. They have the perfect blend of flavors and they are sweetened to perfection. Never have I come across a muffin that was so moist, yet held its form. I was also surprised by how fresh the muffins tasted, as if they just came from the oven. What a great dessert these muffins make for those of us who are watching our weight.

– Anna, Fitness Enthusiast


It’s hard to eat a regular muffin after you’ve eaten High Performance Muffins. They’re delicious and have all the flavor of a regular, high fat & calorie muffin but without the fat & calories. I’ve tried 3 different flavors – chocolate, vanilla and pumpkin spice – and loved them all. It’s hard to believe there isn’t any butter, sugar or flour added to them because they are moist and flavorful. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves a good muffin but not the calories or fat!

– Louann, Fitness Enthusiast

I am a 46 year old woman who follows an extremely healthy diet and way of life. I workout hard 6 days a week and eat a very clean diet (95% of the time) which consists of low sugar and low sodium food choices.

High Performance Muffins were introduced to me and I was EXTREMELY skeptical of putting this in my body but decided to sample the “muffin.”

My first reaction was that there was no way this could be healthy for me. I wanted to stop eating it but it was so good I chose not to.

High protein snacks like power bars and such usually don’t taste good if low in sugar and sodium.

I got hooked. I wanted this “muffin” every day.

Now these muffins are a daily part of my diet.

Kudos to this company and thank you for finally someone manufacturing a healthy, good tasting, high protein snack!

What’s next?

Personal Trainer , FL

As a person who works 2 jobs, I often find it a challenge to eat healthy. I am health conscious but in my busy schedule I resort to eating “on-the-run.”

When I was presented with High Performance Muffins, I thought to myself: “This is the perfect food!”

I immediately introduced it to my daily diet and have seen great results, feeling leaner and getting a power boost, helping me carry out my day.

Not only are they super healthy and high in protein, they taste delicious and I never feel bad after eating them.

I encourage everyone to try it, you will be amazed!

Bernhard Dzanko, Young Professional, West Palm Beach, FL