About Us

Richard EspositoPerformance Muffins was co-founded by Richard Esposito, fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, and Angela Hubert, certified in fitness and nutrition and also a finance executive. The original Performance Muffin came about when Richard combined his interests in health and fitness and creativity with food.

Performance Muffins can also be part of a healthy solution for picky eaters. In fact, this quality contributed to the invention of Performance Muffins. “I have a son who is very fussy about food and refuses to eat anything healthy,” Esposito said. “These muffins were a great answer.”

“Richie” was an outstanding entrepreneur, who started his career by operating a successful design and painting business for 35 years. Health and fitness were always important to Richie, as was his love of cooking. He combined all of his passions – his entrepreneurial spirit, along with his love of health, fitness and his superior cooking skills – and developed the first Performance Muffin. Once the idea was born, Richie ran with it, building a powerful company based on making a healthy and tasty snack/Meal on the go.

Upon Richie’s passing his wife Linda and his sister Angela Hubert are continuing to make his dream a reality, and make sure that Richie’s recipe for nutritional and great tasting products will be loved by many.


Angela Hubert

Angela Hubert is a finance executive and a fitness Coach and a nutrition enthusiast. She has extensive direct experience in banking and investments, with 15 years as an investment banker.

She began training at a young age of 12. She never looked back, adding marathon running, Tae Kwon Do, self defense, sparring, Krav Maga and kickboxing to her repertoire. Currently Angela is a fitness coach and in-home personal trainer, teaching individual and group training in boxing, kickboxing and strength.

Food has also been a passion of Angela’s for most of her life, which she shares with her family.


Linda Esposito

Linda is the creative force behind Performance Muffins. Her healthy living and extensive knowledge in nutrition will inspire new flavors and will continue to create new product Performance Muffins is very active in the community and supports the following: